MARC and Gorman Scholars moderate Q&A with Professors Derek Applewhite and C. Brandon Ogbunu

November 03, 2020

Gorman Scholar alumnus Erfan Zeyaei Kajbaf, and current MARC Scholars Earl Hwande, Adriana Ramirez Negron, Diego Reyes, and Alanna Stull collaborated with the BMSE-MCDB Fall 2020 Retreat to moderate a "Science and Racism" Q&A discussion with Professors Derek Applewhite (Reed College) and C. Brandon Ogbunu (Yale) as part of their Science for the Common Good Fall 2020 course with Professor Kathy Foltz. What a dynamic and thought-provoking conversation -- thank you to Profs. Applewhite and Ogbunu, the retreat organizers, and our scholars for a wonderful event!

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