Student Scholars


Molecular Basis of Compensatory Changes in Taste Preference Upon Protein Deprivation
Characterizing the Roles of ERK and NFkB in Macrophage Priming
Lymphopenia in a Dominant Activating Rac2 Mutation Mouse Model
Investigating the Interaction Between FANCD2 and Extrachromosomal DNA in the Context of Gene Editing
Analyzing Spatial Feature Prioritization in Visuospatial Working Memory Using Visual Cues and Mouse Clicking



Headshot of Taylor Gierke
Identifying Novel Membrane Proteins for Bioproduction
Headshot of Alyssa Granados
Identifying the Molecular Filter Responsible for Phagocytosis and Phagocytosis + Inflammation
Headshot of Martín Koch
Transdifferentiation causing Programmed Cell Death in C. elegans
Headshot of Jose Nunez
Development of Photoswitchable, Phase Separable Biomaterials
Headshot of Amy Wang
The Effect of FANCL on Recruitment of FANCD2 to Double Strand Breaks


Exploring the Effect of Mitochondria Morphological Damage on Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Anastatic Cells
Examining the Sequence Determinants of FhaB Toxicity in Bordetella pertussis
Investigating Catsup’s Role within Drosophila Cells
Are Mussels and Legumes Really Odd Bedfellows? An Investigation into the Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Proline-Rich Proteins


Coordination between cell proliferation and differentiation using C.elegans germline stem cells.
Exploring the role of activating transcription factor 6 in Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection
Mapping the cellular stress responses that overseeRNA health in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Light-tunable Hydrogels


Roy Garcia and Dr. Arias
Investigating the Function of Small Open Reading Frames in Kaposi's Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus (KSHV)
Determining Effects of Proteolysis on the Sub-cellular Localization of Delta-catenin


Seeding of Tau Protein Aggregation
Genome-wide Mapping of Sister Chromatid Exchange in Single Cells Using 5hmC
Endo-protected Maleimide Synthesis and Polymerization
The Effects of Natural Space Conditions on a Living Organism


Detecting and Quantifying Bacteriophage M13 on Human Skin
Facile Chain End Modification of RAFT Polymers


Metal Free Intramolecular Stereoselective Diamination of Unactivated Alkenes inspired by the Total Synthesis of Guanidine-Containing Natural Products
Facilitating Antibiotic Entry Into Bacterial Cells
Thermochromic Compounds For High Strain Experiments
Optimizing Mucoadhesive Patches for Individual Release in Oral Drug Delivery Systems
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